The Courtyard has implemented an Independent Learning Tasks policy from September 2019.

This is to promote pupils learning to work independently, either at home or at school.

Each week a subject sets a task, both on the Google Classroom and in paper format for those who either aren't able to access the internet at home or who prefer to work on paper. The tasks range between research and academic tasks, practice paper tasks and tasks which allow for flexibility of thinking and creativity.

The maths department use MyMaths to set weekly homework tasks based on individual pupil needs, as identified in both classwork and assessments.

The weekly timetable is shared with parents and also pupils so they know which subject is set for each week.


Additionally, there are many websites which offer activities, games, quizzes, past papers and much more to support learning at home.


For parents

For pupils






Home Cooking

For recipes to cook at home


PSD/Social Express











For parents


Creative Expression

For parents

  • Young Actors Theatre - This is a local theatre which offers a wonderful selection of glee clubs and drama workshops for young people to engage with.
  • Club Soda - A music-based organisation for young people, offering an array of musical activities such as composition/songwriting, DJ-ing and performances.

For pupils


World Studies


  • https://noisyclassroom.com - Helping our pupils become persuasive speakers, critical listeners, analytical thinkers and engaged citizens.


 General games and educational websites

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