Anti-bullying at the Courtyard

This statement is a summary of the responsibilities of staff, pupils and parents in relation to the issue of bullying. It is taken from the Anti-bullying Policy. A copy of the policy is given to each parent when their child is admitted to the Courtyard.

Bullying and the school’s behaviour policy

The Anti-bullying Policy should be read in conjunction with the school’s Behaviour Policy and the Code of Conduct.

In summary, it states that students can expect to:

1. Be provided with a safe place to learn and socialise.
2. Be supported by staff to reduce any vulnerability.
3. Be provided with a curriculum that promotes positive relationships with their peers and refutes any acceptance of bullying behaviour.

Acts of bullying will be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Details of how bullying is dealt with can be found in the Anti-bullying Policy.

How the school will work to promote anti-bullying

1. Provide a safe learning environment that is closely monitored for incidences of bullying.
2. Provide vulnerable students with support, strategies and buddies to overcome bullying.
3. Closely monitor the recorded incidences and update the curriculum to ensure that appropriate issues are taught.
4. Outline the preventative measures the Courtyard undertakes in the academic curriculum to prevent bullying.

Pupils’ concerns can be reported on our Report bullying page. Reports go directly to a senior member of staff who will deal with the issue sensitively and effectively.

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