Tips for parents on how to keep your children safe: online sexual harassment



A guide for Parents on how to talk to your child about online sexual harassment


Following the Department for Education's recent survey 'The Big Ask', where questions were asked to help understand children's lives, a lot of important information has been created to help our young people.

A helpful parent guide has been created to enable you talk to your children about online sexual harassment. This is a really difficult topic, and one that can be hard to navigate as a parent. The overriding message from this guide is to talk early and talk often; to create a culture at home and school before the crisis arrives.

Please find the parent guide attached and do have a read. It is a very helpful and informative parent guide.

There is sensitive information in here and should you feel you need to discuss anything further, please make contact with Mrs Rush, Mrs Norman or Mrs Shepherd.




The guide has been broken down into the following topics. Under each topic there is a breakdown of what the issue is and how our 16–21‑year‑olds feel the problem affects children and young people. Then, tips on best ways for parents and carers to have this conversation with their children are presented. 




Please click on this link to read/ download the guide


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