The February 2023 Ofsted report on the Courtyard School is on the Ofsted website, together with our previous reports:

St Mary Magdalene Academy: the Courtyard

Writing about the 2023 Ofsted report, Deborah Shepherd, Headteacher of the Courtyard School, says:

The summary points indicate that the school continues to be a good school:

  • Parents and carers, pupils and staff associated with this school sing its praises. Pupils say the school staff support them really well. They feel safe and enjoy coming to school. Staff build positive and trusting relationships with pupils as the first and most important step to their future education.
  • Throughout the day, staff check how pupils are feeling and identify any support that might be needed. Pupils learn how to talk about their emotions and develop strategies which help them to remain calm and ready to learn. Pupils say that staff listen to them and understand.
  • Leaders and staff have high expectations for all pupils. Pupils have time and space to understand their own unique qualities. They learn to celebrate their strengths and to make plans for their future lives.
  • Diversity and inclusion are championed in the school at every level. This includes the pupil body. There is a very strong ethos of tolerance and respect that permeates the school. New pupils and staff settle into this positive culture very quickly.
  • Leaders have well-established systems to support pupils’ behaviour. Leaders’ vision for a positive approach to behaviour is shared universally. Bullying is never tolerated.

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