The 2017 Ofsted report on the Courtyard School is on the Ofsted website, together with our previous reports:

St Mary Magdalene Academy: the Courtyard

Writing about the 2017 Ofsted report, Deborah Shepherd, Headteacher of the Courtyard School, says:

The summary points indicate that the school is a good school:

• Leadership capacity at all levels, including governance, to secure improvements in all key aspects of the school, including the quality of teaching and learning, has been significantly strengthened.

• The headteacher has acted decisively to address the recommendations from the previous inspection, and is supported well by governors. The headteacher provides very effective leadership and promotes a culture of inclusion for all pupils, as well as collaborative teamwork. Staff, including those new to the school, feel well supported.

• Teachers and teaching assistants are focused on meeting the needs of all pupils, academically and personally. As a result, pupils achieve well, particularly in reading and mathematics.

• The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding.

• Pupils behave well both inside the classroom and beyond. Individual and group sessions enable pupils to reflect on their learning and behaviour. They grow in confidence and maturity, flourishing into thoughtful and respectful individuals.

St Mary Magdalene Church Gardens
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N7 8LT

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