We are excited to introduce a unique and enriching opportunity for our students: the Self-Employment Enrichment Club, organized by My AFK. This club aims to empower students to explore their creativity, foster entrepreneurial skills, and connect with a network of self-employed individuals.

Club Details:

Sessions: Every Monday after school
Start Date: Monday, 15th January
What Will Be Covered:

1. Exploring Your Ideas and Passions:

Group and pair work
Sharing and discussing passions and ideas
Showcasing creations and discussing plans
Creating a visual list of passions and ideas
Q&A and discussion
Agreement on what to focus on first

2. Self-Employment and Creating a Business Plan:

Group, pair work, and 1-2-1 sessions
Understanding self-employment
Turning passions and ideas into a business
What is a business plan?
Creating a personalized business plan
Business overview: mission, product
Market research, identifying customers, and outreach strategies
Cost analysis: startup expenses, pricing for products and services

3. Networking & Meeting Others Who Are Self-Employed:

The benefits of networking
Where and how to network
Learning from others who started their own businesses
Q&A and discussions with self-employed individuals, both with and without disabilities
Opportunities to discuss and present business plans with established entrepreneurs

This club offers a unique chance for your child to not only gain valuable knowledge about self-employment but also to build essential skills that extend beyond the classroom. We believe that this experience will not only be educational but also inspirational for their future endeavors.




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