We believe every young person with autism deserves a fighting chance to make a successful transition from school and college to work, we work very hard every day to ensure all individuals, regardless of their needs, are respected and valued for their talents and abilities.

To date, the Courtyard has a 0% NEETs value. This is primarily down to the dedication that we show to researching the next steps for our pupils and supporting them effectively to succeed once they have left the school.

Our Outreach initiative: Autism Awareness Training to companies

We’ve built a programme that teaches employers about the skills of people with autism, shows them how to assess and employ them, help them identify roles where the skills that autism brings enhances their organisation, and provides a framework of support that is enduring long after the first weeks of employment.

We're delivering an Autism Awareness Training to companies that want to increase neurodiversity in the workplace with a focus on what Autism is and strategies to interact with people with ASC.

The same as it happens with multiculturalism, neurodiversity benefits us all. 

Please email: outreach@smmathecourtyard.org/ elena.vidal@smmathecourtyard.org

 The way I see life2

The way I see life by Stevie Alexander 

"There are so many different pathways you can take in life, each one can take you to a different colour. So look for ways to be happy every day"

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