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- Hidden Potential: Autism Awareness training

We’ve built a programme that teaches employers about the skills of autistic people, shows them how to assess and employ them, help them identify roles where the skills that autism brings enhances their organisation, and provides a framework of support that is enduring long after the first weeks of employment.


- How to recognise people with Autism
- How to manage/ help people with Autism
- How employing people with Autism can benefit society and your company
- How would a person with Autism benefit from being employed


Other training courses we offer:


- Customised trainings

The Courtyard can develop a customised training programme to meet your group or individual specific needs. We can work with you to deliver your own training programmes when and where they are needed.


- How to create an autism-friendly environment

Although every individual on the autistic spectrum will have their own environmental needs, there are some general questions we can ask ourselves to create a physical environment that will reduce anxieties as opposed to increasing them. We need to pay attention to all seven of the senses – visual, auditory, olfactory, taste, touch, vestibular and proprioceptive. We also need to pay attention to space and how it is used.


- How to support transitions for young people with ASC

The Courtyard offers other providers advice and resources to support transitions.

Jumping into a college environment without prior preparation can be overwhelming for students on the autism spectrum. That’s why we recognised the need for a transition programme.

A number of supports to assist our students during transitions were designed both to prepare them before the transition will occur and to support them during the transition.

All our students have successfully transitioned from the Courtyard into FE, we can help to achieve 100% success rate too.


- Staff wellbeing: Looking after ourselves

"We should foster a corporate culture in which mental illness is not stigmatized but addressed openly and constructively. Ultimately everyone benefits: employees, managers, stakeholders and society as a whole."

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The training/s, duration and content is personalized to the needs to the company.

We provide printed information after the training with a summary of the topics covered.


Payment will go towards promotion of outreach service.

Our fees are:
1 hour- £100
£600 - 10 people

2 hours- £150
£1000- 10 people


Please email if you are interested in booking a training.

outreach@smmathecourtyard.org/ elena.vidal@smmathecourtyard.org



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