The Courtyard staff work with a range of external services to offer the best possible support to our students to enable them to access their learning and achieve their potential.

It is recognised that students with ASC have a combination of needs which makes accessing their learning difficult. These could be:

• speech and language
• social communication
• social interaction
• attention deficit
• sensory sensitivity
• social and emotional mental health

The Courtyard enlists the support, guidance and specialist services of a range of external professionals. They are:

• Islington Speech and Language Therapy
• Islington CAMHS
• Islington Educational Psychology
• Islington Occupational Therapy - click here for more information
• Art Therapist (Goldsmiths University)

The students at the Courtyard receive the expert support of these services through a range of routes depending on the young person’s needs. These could be:

• 1:1 sessions
• Small group sessions (social games/LEGO group)
• Universal support – targeted CPD for Courtyard staff

We believe that this tailored provision provides the right support for each individual student at the Courtyard. This belief was affirmed by Ofsted Inspectors during their May 2017 Inspection when they stated that ‘The school works exceptionally well with professionals from a range of disciplines who meet regularly’ and ‘Expertise is shared, with strategies identified to resolve issues on an individual and group basis, sometimes including parents. Weekly counselling is also provided for those pupils who need this type of support. All pupils regularly undertake meditation sessions. Because of this, potential barriers to pupils’ learning and happiness are greatly reduced and they make great gains in their personal development.’


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