6th form social to Store Store

On Thursday 16th May for the Sixth form social, the students went to La Pasta Restaurant and to Store Store, a design shop in Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross.

The students had an amazing time. They enjoyed eating out and interacting with others but they especially loved the art workshop, it was very therapeutic for them. It was great to see our students so happy and relaxed and working both individually and as a group.

Designer Thorwald ter Kulve ran a workshop to design and make a series of seating and contemplation space for the Clerkenwell Design Week 21-23 May.

The workshop introduced participants to different forms of recycled HPDE plastic from milk plastic bottles. The recycled HPDE flakes came in a confetti mix. Something we see with all recycled plastics. The students will had to sort out the colours that they wanted to use. Within the template that was pre drawn on the tray the students replicated their designs. By mixing white and translucent flakes with colours, the students achieved gradients and translucency. Thor and Mr Kelly helped the students with placing the flakes and talked about how gradients can work.

Once the trays and design were forming Thor operated the hot press and captained tile production. The melting temperature of HDPE is 120/180 degrees Celsius. Thor ran the hot press around 150 degrees. The tiles were taken out of the hot press and the tray’s to cool down.

The Clerkenwell design week installation opened yesterday and will be on for 3 days. It is placed in Spa Fields.

Have a look at all these fantastic tiles students produced! It looks beautiful! Such a creative installation!

Photo 3    Photo 4     Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 1

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