Testimonials from parents


Anna Kay- Jonathan's mum- 19th November 2019


I am very fortunate that my son has been a student at The Courtyard for a few years now and is currently in the sixth form. He has made so much progress in all areas since he joined. This is due to the fact that at The Courtyard every student is treated as an individua,l and by knowing and understanding the student so well the staff are able to give a tailored approach they are able to get the best out of the student. This keeps them motivated and simultaneously prepares them for the best possible outcomes in the future. For example, my son has recently developed a very keen interest in boxing and as a reward he was given the opportunity to train with a professional boxer through the links that the school develops within the community, to benefit the students.
Most young people look forward to the school holidays, my son counts down the days until he can go back to school because he is so happy at The Courtyard!

Long may it continue.

Many thanks

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