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The Courtyard is part of a collective of schools that come together to support, inform and review each other's practice.

Our mission is to reduce educational inequality and improve the life chances of all children. Through collaboration, challenge and professional development, we are working to ensure every school community can benefit from the combined wisdom of the education system.

To work towards our mission, we have collectively adopted these four core aims that guide what we do:

Improve pupils’ examination results at a rate above the national average and accelerate progress of the disadvantaged

Enable all our schools to improve at a rate above the national average

Create more national leaders and outstanding schools that fulfil the Teaching Schools criteria

Develop a world class, self-improving and sustainable system that contributes to national research and policy-making

The Courtyard has been a member of Challenge Partners since April 2017. By accessing the network, Courtyard staff have developed their professional practice through direct professional development, collaborating with other SEN specials all over the UK and hosting annual Quality Assurance reviews.

Please click the links below to read the full reports from previous Quality Assurance reviews.

Challenge Partners QA review - Feb 2018

Challenge Partners QA review - March 2019

Challenge Partners vLQAR - June 2021

Challenge Partners QA review - March 2022

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