Survival Skills Day - Shoreham, Kent


The Garden Classroom – Survival Skills Day in Shoreham, Kent

As a result of our very enjoyable and successful days with The Garden Classroom in Islington, we were then offered the fantastic opportunity to take part in a Survival Skills Day in the beautiful countryside of Shoreham, Kent.

The day involved:
• learning how to light a fire
• how to tie a clove hitch knot and lash tarpaulin to a tree
• how to clean and purify water
• how to whittle wood
• how to build a shelter
• how to prepare a meal and cook it over an open fire

It was an incredible day which saw some students’ natural leadership and creative skills shine through whilst others found skills and abilities within them that they didn’t realise were there.
It was a long, tiring but rewarding day and one that created many bonding experiences and memories which the students will not forget in a hurry, particularly using a compost toilet for the first time!

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