External Professionals

Dr Will Roberts is a Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist. He works at The Courtyard 1.5 days a week. He spends his time helping students understand their thoughts and process their feelings. He also supports the staff and delivers training throughout the school.

Claire Harvey is the Speech and Language Therapist at The Courtyard she integrates Speech and Language Therapy strategies into everyday life at The Courtyard to ensure all students are supported to reach their potential with regards to functional communication and social understanding. She works closely with the teaching staff to promote the use of spoken language in the classroom and to embed strategies, such as high use of visuals, explicit teaching of vocabulary, into their teaching.

Dr Laura Kelly is a Child, Community & Educational Psychologist, she supports our students to improve their experiences of learning. Laura provides training and support to staff to enable them to better support our students. She supports individual student’s needs in relation to learning by adapting approaches and strategies in teaching in response to specific
learning needs.

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