A highly personalised curriculum is offered to each pupil, so that they can develop the skills and knowledge necessary for success. The small school supportive setting and high staff ratio enables this.

Pupils at the Courtyard are taught in ‘stage not age’ groups, which are skilfully organised to ensure that pupil’s needs are met in all areas of the curriculum.

Pupils are on their own individual learning journeys and the Courtyard curriculum model is designed to allow them to make progress in all subject areas.

All staff are highly train, which enables pupils to learn both in mainstream classes with St Mary Magdalene Academy and in Courtyard classes. The staff includes six teachers, three higher level teaching assistants and five Teaching Assistants.

The Courtyard offers a two tiered curriculum in English and maths, either the GCSE courses or the Edexcel Functional Skills courses. These courses run alongside BTEC Science and Functional Skills/EDCL ICT.

The Courtyard also delivers a highly effective and meaningful Preparation for Independent Adult Life curriculum programme. The PAIL curriculum is designed to develop the personal and social skills of the pupils across a range of interesting and creative subject areas. These include Self-discovery, Sex and Relationship education, BTEC Performing Arts, BTEC Art & Design, BTEC Home Cooking, BTEC Hospitality, BTEC Workskills, Physical Education and World Studies.

Support structures are provided for those pupils who are academically and socially able to access GCSE and A-Level qualifications in the SMMA mainstream setting.

All teaching staff are trained specifically to work with and ensure the academic, social and emotional progress of pupils with ASD. Lessons are planned and delivered to enable each child to achieve their potential.

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