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I am so pleased with the progress my son has made whilst at the Courtyard. In two years he has achieved his Grade 4 GCSE English and Maths as well as passing his Functional Skills tests and his BTEC Level 2 Science. His progress after missing so much education in his previous settings is unbelievable. My son is very proud of his achievements and we would like to thank you all at the Courtyard for your continuous support and for continuing to push him and help him through the difficult times. Two years ago I would never have dreamed he would be able to cope with college but here we are! Thanks to all the support and hard work from the staff at the Courtyard he has the determination and confidence to continue studying.
Ellen Francis.


I continue to be impressed by the level of dedication and support shown by The Courtyard team towards their students.

They demonstrate a good level of understanding towards their students, providing a patient, flexible, nurturing and person centred response.

One of the most evident aspects of this provision is the whole school approach (and ethos), which is most effective in developing students in preparation for adulthood and independence, with support for developing the practical life skills and strategies in managing everyday situations that young people with ASC or communication difficulties can struggle with.

Each member of the team I have liaised with over the past few years clearly has a good understanding of the young people they work with. The quality of communication is very good and staff are effective in working together with students, their families and other professionals to not only manage a young person’s educational needs but to consider them as a whole person.

The Courtyard work hard to move their students on, and a huge part of their success is a direct result of the team’s efforts and willingness to ensure that each young person is at the heart of everything they do.

Isabella Zanre (SEN Islington & parent)


As a professional working with young people with Autism-related conditions in Islington, I am pleased to work alongside the Courtyard School. It provides for high-functioning students wanting a specialised learning environment, while also enabling them to take higher-level courses at the partner Academy. It fills a gap that existed for many years and alongside the other educational establishments in the borough, gives residents a well-rounded and comprehensive local offer. It is a pleasure to work there!

Gillian Nash


Our daughter Tallulah spent three years at The Courtyard in the 6th form. Without the support of the Courtyard team she would not have achieved her ambition – to go to University. We will always be grateful to the dedicated Courtyard staff team who tried numerous ways to engage and encourage a young person who often felt overwhelmed by the school day. At times we worked together to re-evaluate how to support Tallulah’s education alongside her personal needs. New ideas and strategies to encourage her were always part of our collective thinking. We didn’t ever give up. This autumn she will go to the University of Westminster to Study for a BSc in BioMedical Science.
To borrow from the book Neurotribes and its author Steve Silberman: – ‘ All autistic people face daily challenges- these are not “symptoms” of autism but hardships that are imposed by a society that refuses to make basic accommodations for people with cognitive disabilities as it does for people with physical disabilities such as blindness and deafness’. We are in no doubt that that The Courtyard staff work constantly to change this for all of their students.
Julie Parker & Barcy Cogdale


Finding a place like the Courtyard for my son to go to for his next steps in his education and life skills was a blessing. It fitted all the boxes: small classes, tailored support, opportunities to learn different subjects, and access GCSE’s, and all in a local setting where we can still encourage his independence and social skills.
It’s been great, the staff are approachable and very understanding to what life is like with autism and how stressful it can get for parents. I just wish my son could have started there earlier, and stayed for longer.
I would definitely recommend the setting to other parents.
Anna Lundy


The staff at the Courtyard are fantastic! They are extremely patient and understanding of my son and make him feel accepted in a way that he never did at his two previous settings. I find the communication between school and home brilliant. The staff are always available to discuss any of my concerns and regularly call or email home to update us. I am confident that my son will continue to progress and that his confidence will continue to grow.
Deborah Pasha


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