The Courtyard Pathway Rationale

The Courtyard assesses the students on entry and, looking at their KS2 data and the level they are currently on, establish what kind of deficit they are at and where the gaps in their learning are.

This enables us to put them onto an appropriate pathway/level of class; the objectives being to build confidence, re-engage students with their learning and aspirations and ensuring progress.

Academic progress targets are set based upon knowledge of difficulties in learning, as well as gaps in knowledge, skills and understanding. These progress targets are monitored and reflected upon after each round of assessments to take into account the impact that the Courtyard provision is having on the student's ability to learn.

The main purpose of our school is to rebuild their relationship with a school environment, teachers, classrooms and learning. We need to create aspirations for them and make them believe they have a future to look forward to and work towards. We need to develop an enjoyment of learning and a desire to aspire to a successful future. This involves spending a lot of time building confidence before then opening them up to the idea of college, apprenticeships and employment.

Our school’s aim is to ensure our students gain at least five Level 1 qualifications to help them reach these future possibilities, but being fully aware of the social, emotional and mental health issues which need to be addressed and nurtured first in order to get them to a stronger, more stable social and emotional health, increasing their independence and reducing their vulnerability in society. We do not assess them until we feel they are confident they will pass. Our school's aspirational aim is that our students will achieve five Level 2 qualifications which will provide them with a wider range of opportunities including Level 3 vocational courses, A-Levels and apprenticeships.

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