SEND Conference organized by the Careers and Enterprise Company in Holborn on Monday 20th November


Our student ambassadors, Keira, Shane and Angelina, will have the enriching opportunity to share their firsthand experiences from the world of work, encompassing insights derived from work experiences and paid opportunities. Alongside them on the stage, Miss Johnson (WorkSkills teacher), will be facilitating the discussion by asking thoughtful questions to further illuminate the students' perspectives on employability skills.









The Courtyard hasorganised a special trip to Bloomsbury Radio for students who have actively participated in the Podcast run by Mr. Lopez. This unique opportunity aims to enhance their und erstanding of podcasting and provide valuable insights into the world of broadcasting.



Miss Aubine has invited some students to have lunch at Crepeaffaire in Angel to celebrate their achievements
so far this term. Students will be leaving the school with staff a 11.30am and will walk to Crepeaffaire in Angel. Students will be able to order their meal in French.

8th December



The Courtyard has organised a special trip to the Discovery Accessibility Centre at Google for our students. This unique opportunity will allow them to gain insights into the experiences and career journeys of
neurodivergent employees at Google. During the visit, students will have the privilege of attending presentations by these professionals, providing valuable perspectives on their career paths. Following the presentations, a comprehensive tour of the Accessibility Centre will take place, encompassing three key areas: User Experience, Meeting/Workshop spaces, and the Assistive Tech and Arcade Demo areas,
where students will have the chance to enjoy some engaging games.
To enhance the learning experience, a brief Q&A session will be conducted at the end of the tour, allowing students to seek further clarification and deepen their understanding of the topics discussed. We believe that this trip will not only be educational but also inspiring for our students as they explore the intersection of technology, accessibility, and diverse career paths.



12th December





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