Independence Group's Christmas Feast

On the 14th December 2021 the sixth form Independence students cooked a Christmas feast for all of the Independence students. The banquet was planned throughout the Autumn term and executed brilliantly!

Students have been practicing their kitchen skills, involving food hygiene and preparation, healthy eating and creating meals covering all of the food groups. With Miss Lucas’ assistance, students prepared two roast chickens, roast potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, yorkshire pudding, broccoli, stuffing and gravy. Miss Lucas also made her special cheese sauce and Claire baked a special Christmas chocolate log!

The feast was a wonderful success and Kit and Eirinie’s Independence group were wonderful guests who used lovely manners and washed all the dishes afterwards! Well done to Henry, Jonathan, Azariah, Elsharief and Dev for preparing such a successful event and showing fantastic leadership!

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