Macaroni Wood 2019 - Courtyard School Residential

This year's school residential to Macaroni Wood was a huge success. Macaroni Wood is a well-equipped residential accommodation in a peaceful rural setting near Cirencester. 

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Half of the school cohort attended and thoroughly embraced country life through country walks, egg collecting, bird watching and bike riding. We also visited Cotswold Wildlife Park, a beautifully designed animal park situated in Bradwell Grove stately home.

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This year we were accompanied by Mr Aitken’s dog, Monty, a welcomed addition. It was wonderful to see the gentleness and compassion in which the pupils engaged with Monty at all times.

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Ms Norman has already provisionally booked Macaroni Wood for four days next March. We hope that as many pupils as possible will attend.

St Mary Magdalene Church Gardens
Holloway Road
N7 8LT

Tel: 0203 859 6350

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