School meals

School meals at the Courtyard

The Courtyard School provides the students with a variety of options during lunchtime.

Students can bring in either a hot or cold meal and prepare it in the purpose built kitchen facilities. They can then eat this in the common area, while socialising with their peers. This time is supervised closely to ensure that a friendly and calm atmosphere is maintained.

Pupils can also eat a healthy cooked meal that is prepared each day (see menu below). We adhere to the government’s National Healthy Schools programme and as such we encourage a balanced diet. Please see our guidelines for further clarity on what is/isn’t allowed to be consumed.

The Courtyard encourages sustainable water drinking habits and therefore we would like our students to purchase a reusable water bottle (sports-type or metal) to have access to filtered water. We have water dispensers positioned around the Courtyard, where pupils can replenish their bottles at break and lunch time. Please note that other drinks such as energy, soft and carbonated drinks are prohibited and MUST NOT be brought into school.


 B2B Week 6

B2B Week 7

B2B Week 8

We request all families to apply for FSM. Only those in receipt of the qualifying benefits will be awarded with entitlement. Parents can apply for free schools’ meals using the free school meals form. Details about eligibility criteria can be found on the form.

If your child is not entitled to FSM but you wish for them to purchase a school meal then you can use ParentPay, a secure online payment system that replaces cash payments for school meals, trips, events and activities. If you do not yet have login details to your ParentPay account, please contact our School Business Manager on

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