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Curriculum Overview

Our PD curriculum is a vital component of the curriculum offer at the Courtyard. It enables the students of the Courtyard to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in areas which will support them as they progress into adulthood.

It addresses all the DfE statutory outcomes for PSHE Education and Citizenship Education. This includes Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education (see our RSE policy here).

This year we are running 6 x RSE specialism days. Over the course of the day the students (in their keyworker groups) will attend 5 lessons, each lesson focusing on a different area within the RSE curriculum

Please click here to find out more about the RSE topics that we will be covering and why RSE is so important.

See below the plan that the RSE team has created for the academic year covering all the RSE topics.

Promoting the fundamental British values and the supporting the social, moral, spiritual and cultural (SMSC) development of our pupils is fundamental to our whole school culture, vision and ethos. This is also embedded across our curricular and extra-curricular provision and a key element of our PD programme. Giving young people the chance to speak out on issues that matter to them, improving oracy, confidence and critical thinking through VotesforSchools

Parents and carers are fully informed of the content their children learn about in PD via weekly subject focus part of our school's newsletter. 

Curriculum planning is based on the Courtyard’s recognition of key skills that students who attend our school need to develop in order to live successful lives and achieve their potential.

We believe that learning the life skills of being able to keep themselves healthy nutritionally, physically, socially, emotionally and mentally is tantamount to students thriving in their future lives. Equally, we need to foster and support creativity so that our students can be flexible in a world where the future job market is highly unpredictable and uncertain.

The Courtyard’s vision for all its students to progress successfully into adulthood by accessing further education, employment or training. In order to do this successfully, they need to be able to communicate with peers/employers through effective interaction and interpretation.

We also recognise that students learn best when they are engaged and motivated. By studying the creative subjects, our students are able to communicate their needs and feelings whilst developing their confidence.

The PD subjects offer qualifications at Entry Level or BTEC Level 1/2 and the AQA Unit Award Scheme accreditation scheme.

This year we are also working with the Prince's Trust to deliver their highly regarded PSD curriculum.

The school also offers an excellent Career's programme, working with a wide range of companies and organisations to inform and inspire our students. Follow the link to find out more - LINK


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