PAIL (Preparation for Adult Independent Life) subjects

Curriculum planning is based on the Courtyard’s recognition of key skills that pupils who attend our school need to develop in order to live successful lives and achieve their potential.

Preparation for Adult Independent Life (PAIL) is a vital component of the curriculum offer at the Courtyard. It enables the pupils of the Courtyard to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in areas which will support them as they progress into adulthood.

The Courtyard’s vision for all its pupils to progress successfully into adulthood by accessing further education, employment or training. In order to do this successfully, they need to be communicate with peers/employers through effective interaction and interpretation.

We also recognise that pupils learn best when they are engaged and motivated. By studying the creative subjects, our pupils are able to communicate their needs and feelings whilst developing their confidence.

Our PAIL curriculum subjects are:

PAIL subjects


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Learning is differentiated to take account of each pupil's individual needs, so pupils are taught in groups according to their stage of learning as opposed to their age.
Pupils are taught in class sizes of no more than 8 pupils, often less, as we recognise that our pupils learn best in calm, quiet environments where they are able to focus on their learning with reduced sensory overload.

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