The Courtyard policies

Please visit our global policies page to see all the policies of St Mary Magdalene Academy, including the Primary School, Secondary School, and Sixth Form. Unless otherwise stated, these policies also apply to The Courtyard.

To download the Academy policy documents specifically relating to the Courtyard, please follow the links below:

Admissions 2017-18
Admissions 2018-19
Admissions 2019-20

Admissions 2020-21 
Attendance and Punctuality
Charging and Remissions
Community Cohesion
Complaints Procedure
Disability and Accessibility

GDPR & Data Protection 
Health and Safety
Home School Contract
Intimate care
Privacy Notice
Safeguarding and Child Protection
Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)
Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Legal and financial statements

The Courtyard is also required to publish on this website its Articles of Association, Funding Agreement, annual accounts, and latest Ofsted report, as well as details of how parents can access the School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State. Please see these Legal and financial statements below.

Articles of Association
Business Continuity
Conflicts of Interest Register 2018-19
Funding Agreement
Pupil Premium Action Plan 2018-2019
Pupil Premium Report: The Courtyard 2014-15
Pupil Premium Report: The Courtyard 2015-16
Pupil Premium Report: The Courtyard 2016-17
Pupil Premium Report: The Courtyard 2017-18
Report and Accounts 2015-16
Report and Accounts 2016-17

Report and Accounts 2017-2018
SEN Report 2014-15
SEN Report 2015-16
SEN Report 2016-17

SEN Report 2017-18

Please also see the Academy’s contact information.




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Tel: 0203 859 6350
Email: firstcontact@smmathecourtyard.org

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