UPDATE - Consultation of Proposed Increase of Courtyard Pupil Numbers

St Mary Magdalene Academy: The Courtyard, has now completed the public consultation on its proposal to accommodate up to 12 additional pupils in the 2020/21 academic year.

We are pleased that responses were overwhelmingly supportive of the plan, with many respondents commenting on the pressing need for the unique educational experience we provide to pupils, their families and carers.

We are grateful that some respondents shared their priorities for the proposal, which were:

• To minimise disruption and maintain safety during construction of a classroom pod. This will be ensured as construction will not require activity on (or access through) the existing site. The main site will be separated from the adjacent construction site by the existing boundary fence during construction. Construction will take up to six days and will comply with all necessary health and safety policies and regulations;
• To ensure a good design of the classroom pod. The supplier is a specialist in this area and the pod will comply with planning and health and safety regulations. Details of the pod design are on the consultation letter;
• To ensure integration of additional pupils and teachers with the existing pupils. All teaching and space requirements and guidelines will be ensured via the provision of the new classroom pod and additional staff. The Courtyard has demonstrated that its robust governance and leadership will ensure this expansion brings benefits to existing as well as additional pupils.

A summary of the consultation process, with all comments, has been supplied to the Department for Education. No participant was identified in the survey or in the report. We’ll share any news about this plan as it arises. We continue to welcome views and engagement. These can be addressed to the Headteacher, Deborah Shepherd, at:
• Email: Deborah.Shepherd@smmathecourtyard.org
• Telephone: 020 3859 6350
• Post: SMMA The Courtyard, St Mary Magdalene Church Gardens, Holloway Road, London, N7 8LT.

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