SoapBox - Digital Friendly Autism Night

Monday 12th November 2018

Digital Friendly Autism Night at SoapBox
Dear Parent/Carer,

As part of the social agenda for the Sixth Formers, the Courtyard has organised two evenings out to SoapBox Youth Centre, one in November and another one for December.

SoapBox organises a Digital Friendly Autism Night on Wednesdays. It is a weekly session specifically targeting young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). They provide a safe space with well trained staff to run workshops, teaching them a range of new digital skills in a environment that is accessible to them.
Activities available: 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, Music workshops.
Communication: Using different ways of communicating, meeting new people
Planning & Problem Solving: Navigating Resources
Leadership: Interpreting Others
Creativity: Applying learning in new contexts
Resilience: Self Controlled and independence

Students will travel by bus with members of staff to SoapBox.

Details for the day are as follows:
Date of Visit: Wednesday 28th November and 12th December
Venue: SoapBox 69 - 85 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HX
Time: 6-8pm

As the Digital Friendly Autism Night starts at 6pm. Students can either wait at the Courtyard and travel with members of staff, or go home and be at SoapBox for 6pm.
If you would like your child to take part in the trip to “SoapBox”, please complete the reply slip below and return to Miss Vidal.

Yours faithfully,
Elena Vidal
Head of Sixth Form,
The Courtyard
Trip to “SoapBox ”
Please return to Miss Vidal by Friday 16th November 2018

I give permission for my child ________________________________to take part in the trip to “SoapBox- Digital Autism Night” on Wednesday 28th November and 12th December.
My child will stay at the Courtyard after school finishes and travel with members of staff to SoapBox
My child will go home after school and be at SoapBox for 6pm.
At 8pm, my child will go home on his own, be picked up from SoapBox
Signature___________________________ Date__________________

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