Enrichment 2021

16th September 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

The Courtyard will now be running Enrichment activities for pupils after school every Monday. The enrichment activities is optional for all KS4 and KS5 pupils.
These activities are scheduled to run from 3.15pm until 4.15 beginning on 20th September 2021.

Your child will be able to choose their Monday Enrichment from the activities below. They will need to choose the 3 activities they would like to do over the course of the year, Enrichment activities will change at the end of each term. We will have a limited number for each enrichment, so, if your child does not get their 1st choice for the first term they will be able to do it during the 2nd or 3rd term.

Please advise and support your child with their choices and ensure that they return the form by Friday 17th September 2021
We hope your child will enjoy the Monday Enrichment activities.

Name of enrichment
Staff names
Choice 1-3
Mr Abdul/Mr Kelly
Room 2

Ms Lucas/Mr Lopez
Room 6

Ms Sigola/Ms Nahar
Room 1

Comic book club/Debating
Mr Eardley/Mr Black/Kit
Room 3

Arts and Crafts
Ms Barton/Ms Dixon
Room 4

Student name____________________________________
Yours sincerely
Louise Norman
Deputy Head (Behaviour and Safety)
The Courtyard
0203 859 0206

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Holloway Road
N7 8LT

Tel: 0203 859 6350
Email: firstcontact@smmathecourtyard.org

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