Courtyard Choir Performance

Friday 7 December 2018

Courtyard Choir Performance –  Monday 17 December

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am writing to inform you that your child has actively chosen to be part of The Courtyard Choir and that we have been invited to perform inside the Boots branch in Islington on Monday 17 December.

The performance in Boots on Monday 17 December will be happening at 4pm-5:00pm and is an opportunity for the choir to raise funds for our school to purchase some musical instruments. This will be a public performance and parents and carers are welcome to come and support.

Your child will need to be picked up from the Boots branch (35-37 Islington High St, London N1 9LH) at 5:00pm. If this is not possible then please let the school know as soon as possible, and we can discuss other arrangements.

Please complete the return slip attached to indicate that you give consent for your child to perform and they will be picked up at 5:00pm on Monday 17 December at the shop front.

Yours faithfully

Marie Morris
Performing Arts Teacher
The Courtyard

Courtyard Choir Performance
Monday 17 December, 4pm – 5:00pm
Please return this reply slip to the Courtyard Office by Thursday 13 December

(Please print) Child’s Name_____________________________________________

I give consent for my child to perform in Boots and I will pick them up at 5.00pm from outside the shop.

Parent/Carer Signature: ________________________________________________


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