Almeida Theatre - Careers Workshop

Monday 19th November, 2018

Almeida Theatre – Careers Workshop on Tuesday 27th November

Dear Parent/Carer

The Almeida Theatre in Angel have offered a free workshop for schools to introduce them to the wide variety of careers available at the theatre that do not including acting. These might range from sound and lighting engineers to set and costume design. It is an opportunity to learn about different creative options in employment, whilst also getting a chance to see behind the scenes of a theatre as we will be given a backstage tour as well.

The workshop will be from 10am – 12pm.

There is no cost as the workshop is free.

We will be walking to the Almeida Theatre along Liverpool Road and then turning down Barnsbury Street, through Milner Square and onto Almeida Street. This will take about 15 minutes. If weather is poor then we will take the 43 bus from Holloway Road to Upper Street. Travel tickets for this have already been arranged by the school.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Katherine Healy
Deputy Head: Teaching and Learning
The Courtyard


Almeida Theatre Careers Workshop on Tuesday 27th November

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