Great daily engagement with keyworker



Top 6th Form students at engagaing and responding to keyworker emails


(22nd June- 3rd July):

Azariah, Nathan M


(15th-19th June):

Jonathan, Holly and El-Sharief


(8th-12th June):

Jonathan, Holly and El-Sharief


(1st to 5th June):

Azariah, Holly and Hamza



 (18th to 22nd May): 

HAMZA - replies everyday and asks how keyworker isdoing, very positive energy
VERONICA - replies everyday
HANNAH - replies everyday and is polite
CONSTANTINE - replies every and is polite
ELSHARIEF (replies everyday with a long and detailed email)
HENRY (replies everyday with a long and detailed email)


 (11th to 15th May): 






You are all Sixth formers, so you should be addressing your keyworker/ teachers in a polite and mature way.

Email matters. How you write your emails matters to the people receiving your emails. Even more importantly, your ability to write emails will have a huge influence on your career path.

Please follow the structure below:
1- Greeting
2- How are you feeling?
3- Do you want to share anything? It can be an interesting video clip/ website/ film/ quote/ book/ something that you are reading or something that you are creating or that you are done.
4- How are you getting on with your work- what booklets you have completed and which ones you are working on at the moment
5- Do you need any help?
6- Thank you and farewell

1. Good morning Sir/ Miss
2. I'm feeling a bit tired today because I went to bed a bit later than usual.
3. I watched Black Panther last night. I liked the film, great story and special effects. Have you watched it?
4. I'm trying to do 3 hours of work every day. I've completed a few booklets already: Maths, English and Art.
5. I don't think I need any help, but if I do I will let you know.
6. Thank you! Have a nice day.

Please follow the structure above from now on.


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