Sixth form challengers


The Sixth form team will be celebrating weekly studens' success in 4 different areas:


- Participation in assemblies

- Weekly academic success

- Developing your employability skills (Tuesdays WA)

- Great daily engagement with keyworker


  • Participation in assemblies 


The Sixth form team has been creating fantastic assemblies for our Sixth formers weekly. 

We aim to inspire and empower our students to feel more confident with themselves so that they can pursue their dreams. 

We help them increase their self-esteem and build their employability skills. 

We want to celebrate Sixth form participation, share with you all some jokes and riddles and.. tell you who the winner/s of the week is!!



The Sixth form challengers of the week* are:


(22nd June- 3rd July):

Henry!! Very well done!!


(15-19th June)

Hannah & Henry 


(8-12th June)



(18-22nd May) & (1st-5th June)

Unfortunately this week we don't have any Sixth form challengers... Some students have watched the assembly for this week but no one has completed the activities..!

Did you watch any of the two inspirational career videos recommended? Please do! Andy and Joe's are great!!

Did you make the peanut butter cookie recipe? Please send us some pics!


(11-15th May)


Henry, Holly, El-Sharief, Hannah and a secret student who doesn't want his name to be revealed!!!!


The winner of the riddle competion is.... HANNAH!!!! 29

Middle level riddle: What room do ghosts avoid? The living room!!

High level riddle: Samuel was out for a walk when it started to rain. He did not have an umbrella and he wasn't wearing a hat. His clothes were soaked, yet not a single hair on his head got wet. How could this happen?  He is bald!!

The winner of the best joke is.... EL-SHARIEF!!!!30

Why did the cow prank the farmer? Because he thought it was very amoosing... amusing... get it??

The winner of the completion of the task of the week is..... HOLLY!!31




Sixth form assemblies have the following structure

(please see some examples below)


1- Good news - Celebrating great things that have happened in our world!



2- Finding your future campaign- building employability skills



3- Members of the Sixth Form team share interesting websites with students



4- Information about careers



5- Jokes- Teacher's jokes and students' jokes



6- Ridlle competition


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