Masterclasses 2021-2022


Assemblies: Benchmarks 1,2,7 & Masterclasses 1, 3, 6

Some assemblies and masterclasses are provided by Career Ready and other organizations listed above, and delivered by employers. Other assemblies and masterclasses are organized by our Careers Lead at the Courtyard.

Monthly assemblies/ masterclasses about the World of Work for all year groups
Biweekly assemblies/ masterclasses for Sixth formers.

I.e. Assemblies content (by Career Ready):

The World of Work: understand the top 5 sectors that employ the most people nationally and locally
Skills for the Future: explore what skills are important to employers and know how you can develop skills from some of the subjects you are studying
Your Choices: understand the importance of researching what careers your GCSE option choices could lead to
Exploring Careers: Identify the changes that are influencing the world of work and explore what types of jobs are going to be important in the future
Moving On: understand the different progression routes available to you after your GCSEs and the importance of researching the career you are interested in.
Sixth Form - Managing Your Next Steps: Explore the impact of technology development on the labour market and gain an understanding of the need for continuous skill development.

I.e. Masterclasses content (by Career Ready):

Inspire: Students will identify their skills and qualities.
Aspire: Students will reflect on their motivations for going to work and how these might influence their career choice.
Explore: Students will explore the skills and qualities which employers are looking for.
Action: Students will understand the range of factors that might influence their career.
Future Jobs: Students will understand the changing nature of work and how to succeed in the future jobs market.
Know Yourself: Students will develop self-awareness and understand how it relates to careers.
Effective Communication & Networking: Students will learn the communication and networking skills needed for career success.
Success at Interviews: Students will explore the skills needed for success in interviews.
Preparing for Work: Students will develop an understanding of how best to prepare for the world of work.
Success at Assessment Centres: Students will experience different assessment centre tests and identify different assessment methods.
Brand You: Students will explore and develop their own career brand and understand how important it is for future success.




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